Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lent day 41 - the crucified king

[ooops well behind and tomorrow is Good Friday]

The trial of Jesus is sometimes challenged historically on the grounds that Romans took their justice system seriously, but John 19 shows a soft man being manipulated, and the idea is simple. Jesus claimed to be a king (but in a very different way to those who came before him), Caesar cannot tolerate competition, therefore Pilate, choose which side you are on. Very chillingly, the religious leaders made their choice, and they sidestepped saying that for them, God was meant to be king.

Jesus' kingship is deeply ironic in John; given a crown and purple cloak in mockery, proclaimed king by an unbelieving Gentile to an unbelieving Jewish crowd.

Jesus is the crucified king, the crucified God. If you want to make sense of the world, you might not get ready answers. At least, it will be clear that God is not above getting his hands dirty and facing all that it means to be human, including facing (a degrading) death. Yet that death was not the final word, and that is what Easter is about

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